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Free iOS App Today: Supercut Square Video Editor

Crop, zoom, rotate, filter, trim, and add music to your video clips instantly with Supercut.

Want to fit a widescreen video in a square video? No problem: Supercut has you covered.

Supercut also lets you add filters and overlays—even a background color. You can also add a fade in/out or blur in/out effect (or both!).

There’s more: Supercut lets you add slow motion or fast motion to your videos, and even lets you play them backwards. (Wait until you see someone blow out a candle backwards!)

Not only that, Supercut comes with a camera that lets you record high FPS video for buttery smooth slow motion on iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, and the 5th generation iPod Touch. (Note: iPhone 4 and 4s are not supported for recording.)

We’re not done yet: Supercut also lets you add music to your videos, straight from your iTunes Music library. Rock on.

Of course, your video won’t do you any good if you can’t export it, so every video you edit with Supercut is saved straight to your Photos Library. And when you’re done exporting it, you can share it right from the app.

Free iOS and Android App Today: Monote



Monote is an intuitive and simple note taking application.

• Using Touch ID ( Fingerprint )
• Categorizing Notes & Use Shortcuts.
• Easy to navigate Notebooks.
• Taking notes Effectively 
• Easy to Edit Notes
• Auto Save

Thank you for using Monote. Please reach out to with any issues or suggestions.

Stay tuned, Monote is getting better!

Free iOS App Today: Fontpress: Write Beautiful PhotoText Over Your Pictures with Image Filters and Fonts

Add text to your photos and share unique messages with your friends.

Fontpress lets you add short (or not so short) captions to your photos. We have hand picked over 70 different fonts with distinctive personalities so you can find just the right one to match.

Change the mood with just a tap. No third party Apps are needed. It's all built-in.

Make little mementos for yourself and your friends to capture life's special moments.

Post your work directly to Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. Send beautiful, personalized messages for any occasion.

Warning: Creativity is Addictive. Use responsibly, and have fun! :)

-- The App Makers @ Qrayon.

Free iOS App Today: LightBoxr-Photo Editor


LightBoxr is the next evolution in photo editing applications. Lightboxr is packed with retouch tools, special effects, and filters that makes your photo look more gorgeous. 
You can even make your own recipes and handle a bunch of images easily. ’Shuffle’ & ‘Multi-Edit’ also can handle tons of your photo faster than any other apps with single touch and free you from the repetitive works.

This app supports professional-grade photo editing functionality but is designed for the casual iPhone user.

- Shuffle: Randomly apply new effects to your photo with one touch
- Recipe: Find a look you like? Save it as a favorite and re-apply to your next photo with one touch
- Multi-Edit : You can load your max 10 images at once and apply it with awesome effects.

- Full Manual controls for Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed), Focus(Auto, Manual) & White Balance (Preset, Manual).
- Volume Shot
- Timer
- Horizon Indicator 
- Front & Rear Camera Selection
- 3x3 Grid
- Flash

- 66 Filters
- 17 Light Leaks
- 15 Noises
- 14 Frames/Borders

- HDR (Supports 2 Types)
- Tilt Shift (Supports 2 Types)
- Sharpen (Supports 2 Types)
- Vignette

- Brightness (Fade)
- Contrast
- Saturation
- RGB Channels
- White Balance
- Temperature
- Shadow Adjust
- Highlight Adjust
- Exposure
- Gamma
- Vivid Environment (Vibrance)

- Straiten
- Crop
- Rotate
- Flip (vertical & horizontal)

Share with your friends
- Export to Instagram
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Tumblr
- Flickr

Free iOS App Today - Printer Pro - print documents, photos, web pages and email attachments

Print attachments, documents, web pages and more right from your iPhone and iPad to any Wi-Fi or USB printer.

Printer Pro lets you wirelessly print from the iPad or iPad. It can print directly to many Wi-Fi printers or any printer attached to your Mac or PC via helper application installed on your computer.

Once installed, Printer Pro appears in the "Open In..." list on your device. This lets you print documents from Mail, PDF Expert and many other applications on your iPad that supports this function.

Using "Open In..." approach you can print files from many popular online storages: Dropbox and Google Drive. It just a matter of several taps to download your file via free Dropbox or Google Drive application and send it to printer.

To print a web page, just change "http" to "phttp" in the address bar in Safari and tap Go. The page will immediately be opened in the Printer Pro with print button right above your finger. You can print web based documents as well using this approach.

With Printer Pro you can print:

- Email Attachments

- iWork documents

- Web pages

- Files from other applications

- Clipboard content

- Photos

- Documents on Dropbox and Google Drive

- Contacts

◆ Printer Pro Desktop
Get the free helper application for your computer to print more document types and with better quality. You can download it at

◆ List of supported document formats
PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TXT, HTML, JPG, Safari webarchive

Feel free to contact us If you have any suggestions, questions or issues at

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What will you try? Announcing the Google Science Fair 2015!

Free iOS App Today: Radar HD - NOAA Hi-Def radar, storm tracker and severe weather alert map

Radar HD is a modern application for iPhone and iPad that displays animated high-resolution weather radar, hurricane forecasts, tracks and projected paths, tropical storm information, severe weather alerts and satellite cloud cover images around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. 

Radar map shows areas of current precipitation. A weather radar is used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, estimate its type (rain, snow, hail, etc.), and forecast its future position and intensity. Precipitation type is indicated by the color. Green color indicates lesser precipitation while the yellow color code indicates intense precipitations. The color code red is indicative of the most intense precipitations. Blue color indicates snow.

Using the data from Storm Prediction Center and Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (SPC & GDAC) Radar HD provides information about tropical storms and hurricanes for locations worldwide, areas affected by storms and severe weather, coordinates and wind speed, storm tracks & path projections.

Satellite images provide an excellent view on the clouds in the sky and an indication of the weather over the North American continent, Europe, Japan, Australia and Indonesia.
Satellite images come from satellites which remain above a fixed point on the Earth (i.e. they are “geostationary”). Lighter areas of cloud show where the cloud tops are cooler and therefore where weather features like fronts and shower clouds are.

The app also allows you to check the weather on your favorite places on maps. Interactive map includes live international weather conditions, local weather and time, ten-day forecasts and sunrise/sunset times for multiple places. You can add placemarks on the map to represent your favorite places or the places you’d like to visit. At a glance you can see the time and weather for all of your favorites.

Key features:

* Storm / hurricane / typhoon tracker and projected paths (International and Global)
* All severe weather alerts on interactive map, 126 weather alert types
* High resolution animated radar. Stunning and sharp images.
* 4-km high resolution cloudy-sky images.
* Current weather directly on the map. 130,000 locations worldwide.
* Current weather details and ten-day forecast in pop-up window.

Features include:

* three different layers to get the weather: ground stations, radar and satellite.
* zoom in and out, drag and scroll
* play, pause animations at any zoom level
* displays current position on the map
* saves and restores your last position
* adjustable radar image quality for Wi-Fi and cellular connections
* faster even when on 3G or EDGE networks
* multiple map styles - terrain, satellite or standard


* Full 64-bit app
* Requires any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 5.1.1 and higher
* Retina HD display support
* Snow/Ice/Rain Radar
* NEXRAD, N0R, base reflectivity, filtered data
* Satellite data comes from GOES 13, GOES 15
* Radar images delayed 4-8 minutes due to nature of data transmission
* Satellite images delayed up to 40 minutes

Free iOS App Today: 4 Dice a Fractions Game

Multiplayer Math Game (up to 5 devices)! You can now use two devices and play competitively or cooperatively with your classmates or parents.

4 Dice: Fraction Games hones the many concepts of fractions that include adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing through a series of game mode options. The game also enhances analytical thinking by providing the answer and requiring students to determine the appropriate equation.

- Multiplayer Math Game (up to 5 devices)!
- High order thinking game to challenge students in a fun way
- Progress reports sent to teachers to assess progress and target individual weaknesses
- A built-in whiteboard to give students a place to work through problems

4 Dice: Fraction Games is a math app for middle school and upper elementary students.

For teachers, one major benefit of using this game is that it provides immediate feedback of their students' progress via email.

Engaging Students Beyond the App

The 4 Dice App comes with a printable game sheet that makes it easy to prepare lessons and involve the whole class.

Common Core Mathematical Standard
4.NF Extend understanding of fractional equivalence and ordering.
5.NF Use equivalent fractions as a strategy to add and subtract fractions.
6 NF Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to divide fractions by fractions.

Challenging App by M.L.I.S - Version 1.4 - Apr 14, 2013

"This is a fantastic app for 4th grade students and up. It reviews the procedures for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions in the instructions and gives the users challenges. The best part is probably the ability for users to challenge their friends and connect using different devices close by!"

Free iOS App - Door 24 Plus (Math)

Door 24 Plus is a math fluency app that harnesses the power of game design to help develop students’ skills in both fact fluency and computational fluency. It provides targeted practice in the use of basic facts, number sense, and algebraic thinking.

Students will have the chance to play one of two games depending on their level:
• Snargg Splatt develops fact fluency
• Victor Fixer develops computational fluency

Door 24 Plus is part of i-Ready, an award-winning online program published by Curriculum Associates. Learn more about i-Ready at

Fact Fluency game (Snargg Splatt)
• Fact fluency practice with all 4 operations
• Options for reviewing facts in an instructional sequence
• 2-player version for collaborative play
• i-Ready users can log in to the app and save their data across devices

Computational Fluency game (Victor Fixer)
• Provides practice in computational fluency across five grade levels, from grades 4 – 8 with content available for students who are working a level behind.
• Multiple sets of problems with increasing difficulty so that students slowly work their way up.
• Bonus activities require students to find all possible solutions to expand their problem solving skills.
• Includes scaffolded hints and Math Review screens to help students when they struggle.
• i-Ready users can log in to the app and save their data across devices.

Fact Fluency (Snargg Splatt)
• Fluency with addition facts from 0 to 20
• Fluency with subtraction facts from 0 to 20
• Fluency with multiplication facts from 1 to 144
• Fluency with division facts from 1 to 144

Computational Fluency (Victor Fixer)
• Apply number sense and algebraic thinking
• Represent numbers in multiple ways
• Understand the concept of equivalency
• Apply concepts of factors and multiples
• Use parentheses in numerical expressions
• Apply the order of operations
• Create and evaluate numerical expressions
• Add, subtract, multiply, and divide with negative numbers
• Evaluate square roots and cube roots
• Understand and apply properties of integer exponents

Math standards propose a balanced approach to math and stress the goals of conceptual understanding, fluency, and application. Door 24 Plus focuses on establishing a foundation based on fact fluency and then building computational fluency by providing practice that requires students to solve problems using basic facts, number sense, and algebraic thinking.

Being able to automatically recall facts will help students free up working memory and allow them to concentrate on more challenging math tasks. For example, spending time counting on fingers to work out an addition or subtraction problem can be an impediment to working on higher-level math skills. Additionally, by having math fact fluency, students will be more confident which can lead to greater gains later on.

The Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM 2000) state: “Students exhibit computational fluency when they demonstrate flexibility in the computational methods they choose, understand and can explain these methods, and produce accurate answers efficiently.”

Door 24 Plus addresses each of the three facets of computational fluency:
• Accuracy: Students use number facts, order of operations, and number relationships to create expressions that are equivalent to 24
• Efficiency: Students learn to use strategies that are easily practiced such as making tens, recognizing factors of 24, thinking of an expression as a single quantity, understanding relationships between operations, etc.
• Flexibility: The Challenge set in every level requires students to find as many expressions as possible that are equivalent to 24 given a particular number set. Students also need to be flexible in choosing an appropriate strategy or strategies based on the problem at hand.

Phone: 800-225-0248
M – Th 8:30am – 7pm EST
Fri 8:30am – 5pm EST

Free Education Webinars -- NASA Educator Professional Development

NASA Rockets 2 Racecars Introduction
Audience: In-service, Pre-service, Home School and Informal Educators of Grades 4-9
Event Date: Feb. 19, 2015, at 9:30 a.m. EST
Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the foundation for a successful career in racing, as well as NASA! Like driving a racecar or launching a rocket, mastering these subjects takes some practice. Bring the excitement of racing and the thrill of aerospace into your classroom. Take a pit stop, and learn how to get students “revved up” about STEM!

Magnetospheric Multiscale Mathematics
Audience: Pre-service, In-service, Home School and Informal Educators of Grades 5-8
Event Date: Feb. 19, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. EST
Participants will learn about the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission set to launch in March 2015 and the mathematics-based educator guide associated with the mission. Participants will learn about the mission, get an overview of the lesson and engage in discussion about classroom implementation.

NASA is With You When You Fly: Flying with Bernoulli
Audience: Pre-service, In-service, Home School and Informal Educators of Grades K-8
Event Date: Feb. 23, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. EST
Did you know that NASA is with you when you fly? Come learn about energy transfer as well as motions and forces as you discover hands-on, standards-aligned mathematics, science and engineering activities, each of which will demonstrate the Bernoulli Principle. Make real world connections with NASA research and the airplanes that are flying today.

Exploring Our Earth: A View From Space
Audience: Pre-service, In-service, Home School and Informal Educators of Grades 4-12
Event Date: Feb. 24, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. EST
This “Earth-based” webinar integrates science, technology, engineering, mathematics and geography (STEM-G) with Earth observations, remote sensing, and maps as we explore our planet Earth with the unique perspective from space. NASA missions and curriculum resources will be integrated for a better understanding of our Earth and the processes that shape it.

Questions about this series of webinars should be directed to Steve Culivan:

NASA STEM Mania! — Free NASA Educator Professional Development Webinars
Kickoff your classroom activities with "NASA STEM Mania" and discover the sports in NASA with free virtual K-12 STEM educator professional development. The 60 minute online webinars are offered weekly Monday - Thursday at 4:00pm ET beginning February 16th and running through March 19th.

The sports related topics include: "Spaced Out Sports", "Rain Out or Game On: Clouds and Weather", "Sports: STEM is Newton's Laws at Play", "Space, Satellites and Sports" and "Robo Arm and Weightlifting".

For more information, and to register, please visit:

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Free iOS App Today: InstaBlender - Double Exposure and Superimpose Image Blender

Free today with ‘App of the Day’

InstaBlender is a creative app for combining images with different blend modes on your iPhone.

- 18 blend modes
- use photos from device library
- take photos directly on InstaBlender

- directly send your photo to Instagram
- share by mail, on Facebook, Twitter or any other photo sharing app installed on device
- save blended images to device library
- copy/print images

Photos are exported in 3 resolutions: 2048x2048, 1280x1280 and 640x640 pixels.

- add
- color
- color burn
- color dodge
- darken
- difference
- exclusion
- hard light
- hue
- lighten
- luminosity
- maximum
- minimum
- multiply
- overlay
- saturation
- screen
- soft light

InstaBlender allows you to adjust filters of individual layers of your image: brightness, contrast, and saturation.

InstaBlender provides quick and straightforward photo editing tools to polish the blended result. The simple design, paired with powerful and snappy tools, will give you the look you want in seconds.

• 15 beautiful filters
• add filters on top of others
• unlimited undo / redo functions

• 12 fonts
• font color picker
• selectable font size
• adjustable vertical/horizontal alignment

• rotate left
• rotate right
• flip left
• flip right

• adjustable photo border
• selectable border color
• adjustable thick

• brightness
• contrast
• saturation

• bloom
• chrome
• dot
• fade
• gloom
• instant
• invert
• mono noir
• pixellate
• posterize
• process
• sepia
• tonal
• transfer
• vignette

• auto-enhance
• auto-sharpen
• auto-insharp

• bump distortion
• hole distortion
• pinch distortion
• twirl distortion
• vortex distortion

• 20 amazing frames
• including instagram frame, vignette, film and many more

• gaussian blur
• adjustable intensity

Free iOS App Today - Letters and Dots

Letters and Dots is an addictive (and colorful) puzzle word game.

The goal is pretty simple; connect letters to create the longest words that you can and earn as many points as possible in 20 turns. New letters fall to replace the ones you used. More points are awarded for longer words and you get a bonus if all of the letters used were the same color.

As you find new words, they’re added to your wordlist so you can keep track of every word you’ve ever found. It might take a while to find every word in the dictionary, but we believe you can do it!

Feeling strategic? Or tired? You can also just connect dots of the same color. This is a great way to help set up the board for a really long word. It’s also the best way to rest your brain in between serious point expeditions.

Letters and Dots was created with a lot of love, so we hope that you have a ton of fun playing it. If you do, tell all your friends (and us)!

Finally, we heart feedback. Do you love the game? Is there a word that’s missing in the dictionary? (Sorry!) Do you just want to say hello? We’d love to hear from you, so reach out to us on Twitter: @lettersanddots

That’s all we got. Have fun and may that elusive seven letter, same color word be in your near future!

Free iOS App Today - The Math Keyboard

The Math Keyboard is the ideal keyboard for typing Math and Scientific characters.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Theatre Box

This is a new product that says it can produce surround sound anywhere, all from one small box. Yep, you heard it. One box, in one spot, producing surround sound. Sounds cool, right? It does this through using ‘sound wave field synthesis’, as opposed tradition one direction speakers, and it senses the sound field space (how big the room or area is that it’s in) to compensate and adjust to keep the surround sound constant in the entire room.

It is a very straight forward device, with no apps required, 20 hours of battery life, and a variety of uses and extensions to which you can easily hook up anything you could want to it. You can either keep it wireless, or wire it into your current system.

The prototypes are out, can be preordered, and the market launch will be at the end of this year.

Sheet Music Resources

Did you know that there are a lot of free public domain resources out there for sheet music? Here are some of the most useful and best sites where you can search for things that you would want to find, from beginners to professionals, and solo’s to scores. And, in addition, most of these also have free recordings of professionals performing the pieces on the site as well. Enjoy!

This is a great website that has a lot of searchable options. They have sections for voice, piano, and even the banjo and euphonium. In addition, you can search by category, including style, country of origin, or artists. A very straightforward and helpful site.

As the name implies, this is a great site, especially for small arrangements. This is a fantastic resource for solos to quartets and beyond, and it has an excellent selection in instruments and even languages.

Here is a great site that seems to have it all in one. They have a great sheet music section, for almost anything you could want. In addition, they also have a great section for free audio recordings of some of the pieces (a lot of which are classical). There are even some education materials to help to learn some of the most common instruments.

This is a great place to search for what you want. It isn’t as easy to peruse specific categories, but the library is a very large one, and is also very internationally friendly. (There are lots of language options, and lot of pieces in for those languages) A great resource site all around!