Monday, December 5, 2011

Free App Today - LangFolio - Visualize your language learning progress

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LangFolio is an application that “visualizes” your language learning progress.

Build a list of study items in LangFolio by including vocabulary lists, grammar books, pronunciation practices, online conversations, and anything else you may be working on.

Enter your study durations into LangFolio, and you’ll be able to clearly see how well-balanced your practices are, or analyze which points need strengthening.

▶ Stress-free Data Input Interface
Record your learning results with a simple one-touch operation. The contents and durations will be simultaneously entered onto sites like Twitter and Google Calendar as well.

It removes the psychological barrier of data entry itself, helping one get accustomed to the very action.

▶ Visualize Your Reading / Writing / Listening / Speaking Skills
Display the overall learning balance of the four essentials of English proficiency - reading, writing, listening, speaking - as a radar chart.

▶ Export to CSV
You can export your study results into a CSV file for further analysis using your favorite spreadsheet software.

▶ Backup and Restore
The data you enter will be automatically backed up into Dropbox. If the data ever goes missing, you can restore it from the Dropbox server!

Being able to visualize your daily progress takes the monotony out of your studies and helps you to continue enjoying it! This application is also most appropriate for the busy businessperson who is always seeking to effectively maximize break times!